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How We Work

We have been doing this since 2003. We listen to your computer problems, then come up with the solutions you need. Located in Owasso, Oklahoma, we are poised to be able to serve you no matter where you are located. With remote access and desktop connection software, we can easily connect to your computer or network to be able to HELP you. We have affordable business support plans as well as competitive hourly rates.

Computers are not always easy to figure out. To make good decisions, you need someone to talk to who can ask you the questions needed to reach your technology goals. We listen to your needs and ask questions to help determine what you need HELP with. Consultations are usually provided at no cost.

After Consultation, we work on the plan you need to get your computing needs resolved. Whether your need is hardware, software, web hosting or just need help with your website.

RESULTS = Satisfied Customers


"Wow... I thought I was good in ignoring and blocking... but that short time where I did allow stuff.... I had 23 apps/websites in there! Thanks to your tip I was able to delete all.... THANKS again! greetings from far away Germany."
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" I like the price and after having three other people look at my computer and not able to fix it, it will be easy to recommend you "
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Customer since 2009