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Business Services Overview

Strategic Planning Needing to upgrade your computer network, or just upgrade your current home computer, we can HELP you plan for these technology changes
Hosted E-mail Whether you are a business of 50 employees or sole propieter with 1, hosted e-mail will give you seamless access to all of your Calendar, Contacts and Emails. iPhone and Android phones connect with real time access to keep you up to date with your business. Sharing Calendars could never be easier!
Backup Services Remotely hosted back up that runs behind the scenes on your server or computer. Affordable, reliable.. peace of mind.
Disaster RecoveryLet us help you create a disaster recovery plan to keep your business or home records safe for years to come
Home Business We can help you get your home business networking, printing and mobile computing needs solved!
Remote SupportOn the road and need HELP? We can remotely access your computer (with your consent) and can easily get you the HELP you need

Main Services

Computer Repairs and Services
We understand that we can't be all things to all people, but we sure try! From damaged LCD displays to motherboard replacement, we try to HELP you get back in service with your technology.
Support BusinessPlans
One of the least overlooked business and Home investments. Businesses and Homes who have regular maintenance on their computer networks have fewer emergencies and downtime due to computer failures. Having routine maintenance gives IT professionals the familiarity and specific expertise on how to service your network and your needs. We understand that it is important to have little or no down time with your business computer network. Business Plans are customized to fit your business needs. Ask about our Home Support plan that will rival Geeks or Nerds!
WebsiteDevelopment & Support
Websites are sometimes your only chance to make a first impression! We HELP you get the right design and web pressence that fits your budget and needs. Search engine optimization help make your business or hobby site be found by others. We offer hosting and will help you.